Stream All the Pretty Horses

Stream All the Pretty Horses here or you can purchase the CD or download for your collection or for gifts or to play when not connected to the internet.

I am currently supporting this record live. The production created by Grant Heckman is sublime in my opinion! – 3 Music NB nominations including song of the year for When Jesus Met Whiskey, full on video production enabled with the huge support of Hemmings House!
  1. All the Pretty Horses Brent Mason 4:17
  2. Walk On The Water Brent Mason 4:14
  3. Rip Van Winkle Brent Mason 4:42
  4. This Amnesia Brent Mason 4:19
  5. Hynesight Brent Mason 4:35
  6. Ahead By A Thread Brent Mason 4:12
  7. (W)hole In Your Heart Brent Mason 3:33
  8. When Jesus Met Whiskey Brent Mason 5:04
  9. Crash And Burn Brent Mason 2:54
  10. Gentle On My Mind Brent Mason 3:58